About Us.

Unifoods, has embarked on a visionary journey to establish itself as the top manufacturer of wheat rusk in Kenya. Leveraging its expertise in food manufacturing and distribution, the company has invested in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring the production of high-quality wheat rusk that meets the highest industry standards.

Through extensive market research and consumer feedback, Unifoods has tailored its wheat rusk recipes to suit both the local and international consumer. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Unifoods is poised to revolutionize the culinary landscape in Kenya and emerge as the unrivaled leader in wheat rusk production.

Unifoods (E.A) Ltd believes in the following mission and values;

Customer Focus

we seek to fully understand customers expectations and keep our promises; delivering orders in time and conscious of our customer needs..


We pursue commitment in excellent and high reliable services to our customers.


We endeavour to respect and motivate each other. We seek to promote personal and professional growth, fostering innovation, creativity and dedicated to common goal.

Continous Improvement

We believe in getting better every day in all that we do, maintain personal integrity and continuous working to improve our services.

Our History

2009-2012: The company started off with 10 employees, one locally made oven, sieve and milling machine with a daily output of 1900kg.

2012-2014: The company acquired its first electric oven, dough sheeter and mixer with a staff population growth to 17. The daily output grew to 3000kg

2014-2018: The company acquired the second oven; Kerosene run oven with increase in staff number to 30 and an extra production shift. Daily volumes increased to 6000kg

2018-2023: Two more ovens with higher capacity were purchased. Daily output grew to 10,000kg. Staff numbers rose to 50 full time workers.

Our Team

June Okoth

Production and Quality Assurance Manager

Jeremiah Mwengea

Sales & Partnerships Manager

Elizaphan Kimemia

Chief Financial Officer

Monica Kasamu

Quality assurance supervisor

Why Choose Us?

We aim to answer your enquiry with your first call. We have all your product development and samples at our fingertips and can search our extensive database for most appropriate products for your needs. We also refer to our values and goals as a guide. We believe in delivery of urgent orders within 24hrs.