Product Development

Raw Material

The quality our products start prior to production with the purchase of quality ingredients to an agreed specification from approved suppliers. All delivered raw material are issued a unique code to enable full traceability from receipt through manufacturing to dispatch.

Finished Product

Products are subjected to quality checks during manufacture and dispatch, each having its own quality specification to which it must comply. Product safety and quality is monitored by carrying out analysis on selected samples; including microbiological and pesticide analysis.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is provided through the implementation of strict processes and procedures, ensuring the highest level of food safety and quality are achieved.

Packaging & Branding

Our products are packed in laminated packaging (bags) to ensure quality is maintained. These bags are made moisture proof not to allow any external contamination. The packaging is sizes of 30kg, fully labelled with traceability information for ease trace back. Other available portions include; 1kg,5kg,10kg and 20kg.