Wheat Rusk

Our main product is wheat rusk. This a dried cereal ingredient that is microbiologically very clean, used mainly as a filler and binder in meat products.

Rusk is manufactured from wheat flour and salt by a traditionally slow process of baking and drying to produce a consistently high quality creamish product.

Extrafine Rusk is an ideal product for the manufacture of seasonings and flavours as its bland aroma, taste and high absorbency properties means it is an ideal carrier and unlike flour or starches it is slightly gritty providing easier mixing and blending.

Superfine Rusk is widely used as a carrier for flavours, colours and seasonings but because of its larger particle size than Extrafine it is also highly suitable for use in beefburgers to help bind and absorb free water.

Pinhead and Medium Rusk are the most popular grist size, widely used in the production of sausages, pies, other compound meat products and as an ingredient for dried stuffing mixes. The grade or blend used is dependent upon the speed of absorption required, the appearance and texture required of the finished product.

Coarse Rusk is the largest grist size manufactured and is used primarily in speciality products for example Haggis as well as being a major constituent of dried stuffing mixes.

Wholewheat Rusk is available in the following grist size:
Medium Approximately 2 to 2.25 mm size pieces a pale brown colour with typical baked whole-wheat aroma.

Grist sizes: (for guidance only)

Extrafine 75% passes through a 0.250mm sieve.
Superfine 95% passes through a 0.472mm sieve.
Pinhead 95% passes through a 1.75mm sieve.
Medium 95% passes through a 2.00mm sieve.
Coarse 95% passes through a 3.50mm sieve.
Wholewheat 95% passes through a 2.00mm sieve.